martes, 23 de marzo de 2021



Affiliate Benefits with GainRock

An affiliate marketing platform that bundles reliable & income-generating programs for you to get an extra profit

  • Mutual benefit

    Invite people to become GainRock affiliates & start earning an extra profit with ease. In turn, you’ll get 30% commission from their income!

  • Clear terms & 100% payouts

    Simple rules & reliable payments make this affiliate program unparalleled. Refer as many people as you wish & get 30% commission from their income. There are no limits.

  • Ready-use creatives

    You can make use of ready creatives to invite people to GainRock. Copy and paste the ones you like through the social media, email, or any other way you choose.

  • Detailed statistics

    We do all the counting hassle for you. You can find the detailed information on your referrals in a handy summary of your earnings.



Affiliate Benefits with Magenet

A monetization platform with an anti-fraud system that lets website owners earn ~$50+ /day by placing contextual ads on their sites

  • Custom

    Pick the best ready-to-use creative for your top- performing affiliate channel

  • 10% Affiliate

    Get a monthly commission from each affiliate you refer. Refer once and earn always

  • Fraud

    MageNet referral program is protected from fraud by our our machine learning algorithm

  • Rewards for Quality

    You and your friends can make even more money with Quality Reward Program




Affiliate Benefits with Adsy

A content marketing platform that takes communication between marketers and website owners to a whole new level

  • Simple Terms

    Get a 10% commission from every completed task of your referrals who are working with Adsy on a non-subscription basis or are subscribed to the Basic Content Plan.
    Catch a 35% commission from the cost of your referrals’ subscription to Professional or Premium Subscription Content Plan.

  • Passive Income

    Share the link on multiple channels to attract more referrals, and receive your commission for each one

  • Earnings Tracking

    Go to your “Earnings Summary” and check how many referrals you attracted and how much money you earned

  • Pre-set creatives

    Enjoy the ready-to-use creatives to share across the best-performing channels